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Challenge background information

The Advance Queensland Johnson & Johnson Innovation Quick Fire Challenge is part of the Queensland Government’s $180 million Advance Queensland initiative to support greater innovation, develop a knowledge-based economy and provide jobs now and jobs for the future.

The challenge will award a top prize of AUD $100,000 to three winners across the pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer health sectors. Johnson & Johnson Innovation Asia Pacific and other company executives will serve on the selection committee, work with companies on their pitches prior to the main competition; and serve as mentors to selected companies. The competition is open to any innovative, transformational human healthcare invention that seeks to address an unmet medical need.


Applications are open to any individual, academic, entrepreneur or company from around the world that has a novel and disruptive human healthcare innovation in the medical device, pharmaceutical and consumer health space. A key component of the challenge is that all applicants must be willing to do the research and development of the innovation within Queensland, Australia.


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